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Welcome to Little Saigon Tours, a specialty tours and cruises agency that goes beyond ordinary travel experiences. We offer a range of unique services, including Volunteerism Tours, Free Independent Travelers (FIT) packages, and Group Inclusive Tours (GIT). Our travel services cater to community organizations, businesses, delegations, and governmental agencies, ensuring we meet the diverse needs of our clients. At Little Saigon Tours, our primary focus is providing you with exceptional services that enable the best journeys, explorations, and adventures you seek. We are dedicated to creating unforgettable travel experiences tailored to your preferences and desires.

As a leading provider of private tours and exceptional cruises, our dedication lies in ensuring our clients have unforgettable experiences. While we offer distinctive tours and cruises for various destinations, our reach extends far beyond that. With connections in countless countries and cities worldwide, we are well-equipped to fulfill your travel desires, wherever they may lead you.

We take pride in our rich history of successfully meeting the needs and expectations of our diverse clients across the United States and the world. Our tours and travel programs are designed to be high-quality, affordable, and enjoyable, all while being tailored to your preferences.

Little Saigon Tours serves as the fundraising arm of the Little Saigon Foundation, a Vietnamese American community-based non-profit organization. By choosing us, you not only embark on an extraordinary travel experience but also make a positive impact on communities in need. All proceeds from our services are to support community services and assist needy children worldwide.

Choose Little Saigon Tours for an extraordinary travel experience while making a meaningful difference.


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Airline Tickets

Tips on Finding the Lowest Airfare!

  • Plan your trip as early as you can shop hundreds of airfares online across your favorite website. The airlines will discount fares 7, 14 and/or 21 days out to induce travelers to make reservations.
  • Flying midweek usually costs less. Book your departing flight on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday and you will probably get the lower fare than booking on a weekend.
  • Plan to stay over Saturday night. Most low fares require that you stay over a Saturday and some just require that you stay a minimum for 3 to 4 days.
  • Consider other airports in your surrounding area. When you find a better price to another nearby airport, also consider how far that airport is in drive time to your final destination.
  • Try an earlier or later travel date. Sometimes fares vary dramatically between one day and another.  If you can be flexible with your schedule, you will save money. 


Personalized Travel Solutions by Expert Travel Advisors

Tours and tickets have taken the hassle and worry out of travel planning for our valuable clients nationwide.


  • Airfare and water transportation bookings

  • Destination selection and bookings

  • Pre-trip itinerary development

  • In-Trip travel management

  • Airport Transfer & Shuttle bookings

  • Excursion planning and bookings

  • Travel contingency planning

  • Special occasion pampering and rewards